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Customer Name: RT


" I had a fall while at my job and my physician ordered me to go to an outpatient clinic but I have difficulty going there due to scheduling conflicts everytime I plan to go to PT. A friend told me about Jordo PT services so I called them and they came at my convenient time and place. I improved more rapidly because their mobile service lessened Missed visits and I am more comfortable while I had my PT treatments with them because I am at my place or location. Thanks very much Jordo. "



Customer Name: Carmen


"I had a wonderful experience with this group, I was unable to walk good due to pain on both of my knees but when I did the therapy with Jordo mobile PT, I improved a lot. My daughter says she was amazed with me being able to walk with her in the mall and groceries without difficulty now, unlike before. Thanks Jordo PT. The good thing is I did it in the comfort of my own home because I was not able to drive and nobody could take me to the outpatient clinic."




Customer Name: W. B. 

" I am very happy and pleased with the PT services I received, I recently got referred by my MD  to go to an outpatient clinic for my Upper traps pain, I was not able to go to the outpatient clinic because of my busy schedule so I called JORDO and they came and evaluated me at my location/home. Because they are mobile, it worked for me, I think that made a big difference with the speed of my recovery. Thanks JORDO PT."





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